Starter Course

The Starter course is designed in such a way that the candidates learn the basics of digital marketing. Here the candidates are provided with knowledge of the core topics of digital marketing. We cover the following modules in digital marketing.

1.Introduction to Digital Marketing

2.Advance search

3.Graphic Designing(Basics)

4.Making of video (Pawtoon)

5. Blogging.

6.Corporate website creation.

7.Search Engine Optimization (Basics).

8.Social media Marketing (Basics).

9.Online Reputation Management.

The main focus of the starter course is website creation, where we provide practical as well as theoretical knowledge. We help you to develop your own website and you also learn how to promote your website. Business owners can actively promote their website, product and services inspire of giving money to the on the agencies. We made the most advanced curriculum is being made for the candidates according to the current industry.

Webpeckers bound to provide the best training facility to our students. Here the Students get to know the aspects of Online Marketing and mold themselves accordingly. Students are motivated to bring new ideas and putting those ideas in the form of a website. Here the candidates are being trained according to the niche they want to make their career.

Passionate about building your Career in Online Marketing!!! Then you have an opportunity to learn the methodology of digital Marketing with Webpeckers, build a career driven path for your bright future by enhancing your skills and creativity together.  Candidates are going to learn all the core topics of Digital Marketing as well as how to use the basic tools and techniques of digital marketing.

Online marketing is the methodology where the candidates are skilled according to the niche where they want to establish themselves in the near future. We provide skill oriented course structure to our aspirants and motivate them to learn the various aspects of digital marketing.
The various methods of Online Marketing are being bundled together where the aspirants are trained on how to manage their creativity as well as developing their own strategy on creating something amazing in the period of digital marketing.

Develop your future by building a Career in digital marketing. Get the deep knowledge of Online marketing by creating your own website on word press as well as how to promote the services( for entrepreneurs) all over the world.

Advance Course

Learn and get practical training in Advance Digital marketing Course from Webpeckers. Enhance your skills on how to work on different tools and get knowledge to work on different tools of Digital marketing. By learning this advanced modules students will enhance their skills to work in Digital world.

Webpeckers strategy is main focused on how to enhance performance of our students as well as proper assessment is being done by our teachers

Advance Digital Marketing Course module:-

The module contain 7 topics which includes:

1.Email Marketing

2.Web Analytics

3.E-Commerce website creation

4. Affiliate marketing

5.Social Media marketing

6.Google Adwords and Adsense

7.Technical Search Engine Optimisation

Advance Digital Marketing Course objective:-

Our objective is to provide practical knowledge so that students can generate skills on various topics which is covered under digital marketing course.

Webpeckers believes in motivating their Candidates and letting them to reach the highest performance level.

Our trainers are efficient enough in giving the best knowledge to the candidates and help them to cross the hurdles of getting placed in good corporations or MNC’s. Skill equipped features are being delivered to our candidates in the Advance level of our course structure.

Advance Digital Marketing Course structure:-

We provide the skill based learning techniques to the students, in-spite of giving knowledge on the main topics of the syllabus, we provide Study materials to our candidates  so that, they can learn the topics which is being discussed in class . Study materials is a e-learning content which is being provided to the aspirants so that they can access the study material digitally.


We are providing Masters in one of the main core topics of Digital marketing and these topics are :-

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads& PPC Advertising
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization
  • FreeLancing

A deep knowledge is being provided to the student in the respective topics which is chosen by them. Digital marketing enables the aspirants to grow according to their needs of the current digital Scenario. Our teachers are dedicated to provide best practice knowledge to the students and we optimize them according to the field they are chosen. By learning the aspects of specialisation course and by this students can get deep knowledge of the above mention core topics, also they they get realisation of real environment of organisation, We also provide Internship in the core topic which was chosen b the student.

By choosing the core topics in specialization the student get opportunity to become master in the respected areas. Webpeckers always guide the candidates by giving them full-fledged knowledge on how to get expertise in Digital marketing.

Students who want to create bright future for themselves should enrolled themselves in Webpeckers and learn the practical knowledge of Digital marketing.

Shaping the future of digital marketer according to the current need of digital era is our  prime motto. We always knows  that imparting best knowledge to the candidates should be the prime facia of our digital marketing institute. Over here over candidates are best trainers and delivering the best marketing knowledge with best support

Apart from providing the best knowledge to our candidates we also provide to work on live project and our students have knowledge to know how to work in organisation  and solve the various obstacle which will come across while working online projects.

After completing the specialization the candidate become master in digital marketing which help them to grab the opportunities in top MNC’s company and this will let them bring excellency in the field of digital marketing